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Installer’s Corner

  • Finding and installing a quality video surveillance system

    In today’s rapid moving world when we purchase technologies that don’t necessarily ship and sell together - we expect the companies we buy from to provide these types of items in kits. The idea in purchasing a “kit” is so we can get everything we need from one place, in one conveniently packaged box. The company we buy from is the expert in that product’s field, so we assume they know what we will need. However, in the security surveillance marketplace the idea of purchasing a kit has ...

  • PTZ Wiring Manual

    One of the most intimidating things for a CCTV installer to encounter is their first time setting up a CCTV job that includes PTZ cameras. Up until now, there has been no definitive step-by-step wiring/installation guide that is easy to follow with clear pictures and directions, so this has led to training being passed down from tech-to-tech. Realizing this need we have designed the guide that is available in the Resources section of our website that gives a comprehensive step-by-step guide for ...

  • How to use a Video Balun to leverage existing wiring infrastructure

    In my years in the industry, I have trained quite a few CCTV installers, and had quite a few come to me already trained.  One of the things that always perplexed me about my “used” installers was there complete lack of knowledge of using video baluns on their installations. So, what is a video balun, and how can it benefit me as an installer or CCTV company owner? A video balun quite simply combines video, audio, ptz controls, and power over 1 UTP cable (a Cat5, 5e, or 6 do nicely).  The c ...

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