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Finding and installing a quality video surveillance system

In today’s rapid moving world when we purchase technologies that don’t necessarily ship and sell together - we expect the companies we buy from to provide these types of items in kits. The idea in purchasing a “kit” is so we can get everything we need from one place, in one conveniently packaged box. The company we buy from is the expert in that product’s field, so we assume they know what we will need.

However, in the security surveillance marketplace the idea of purchasing a kit has translated into all sorts of different grades of kits. Being experts in the security surveillance industry, we recognize that a lot of surveillance cameras being solid in “kits” that are touted as being “outdoor”, but when we research the camera model we see that the camera is not even IP66 rated.  IP66 rating (which stands for Ingress Protection) indicates that a camera can perform in the outdoor elements with casing units designed to keep out moisture etc. IP ratings of 66 and above are "dust tight" and the components are protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water. Kits designated as outdoor kits are also often times being sold containing wire that is NOT suitable to be placed on the outside of your walls. Unfortunately, faulty material grade is more often the case then it is not. If a video surveillance kit is being sold at a price point that is unbelievably low, one reason could be due to the rating grade of materials being provided. Make sure you take the time to research these camera and wiring attributes when considering a camera surveillance kit purchase.

We have addressed the above issues with the release of our new PTZPros Beginner, PTZPros Basic, and PTZPRos Pro Level Camera Surveillance Systems. All the components that come in our camera surveillance kits are configured with parts that we actually use at our surveillance installation company everyday in Las Vegas on large and small commercial jobs alike. Our product line delivers the same level of quality video surveillance like the ones in large-scale casinos, and other facilities throughout our city. Best of all we have made our PTZPros surveillance systems available to the everyday consumer at an affordable price point.

The greatest thing about our PTZPros camera surveillance kits is that they come with absolutely everything you need to hook up our systems except the wire. Why not include the wire? If we included the wire we would have to charge for the most expensive type of wire to make sure we can suit all needs. By purchasing the wire separately, you can get the appropriate type (CMR, CMP, etc.) of CAT5e wire to best suit your installation. Most wiring can literally be purchased at your local home improvement store where you can save even more!

Our PTZPros surveillance camera systems are available with a wide array of cameras and different quantities of cameras to deliver a true out-of-the-box kit that meets your surveillance needs.

PRO TIP: Before you begin shopping for a video surveillance system, simply input your address into Google Earth. This view perspective will illustrate a typical view that your cameras would capture, helping you to better determine the ideal placement for a camera as well as better determine the right type of camera for the job.

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