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How to solve security lighting and surveillance issues with 1 camera

Last week we at PTZPros.com released a new model camera that we have had in development for quite a while. This camera, model PTZA2XL6, is unique in the marketplace as it serves two very distinct functions, the first function is as a standard indoor/outdoor daytime color camera, the second function is where our innovation comes in.

When the camera is in night/low-light mode the standard 3rd generation Infrared LEDs are active lighting up the area invisible to the naked eye, however when the camera detects motion in the designated field of view it activates two 95 lumen white LED spotlights. This turns the subject recording area back to color making it easier to identify people and vehicles. But, it also serves as motion lighting, which is a huge deterrent in unmanned surveillance.

How does this benefit the installer/small business owner/home owner? By putting up this camera you eliminate the need to install additional security lighting in a building. Also our camera works on standard CCTV cabling, or our excellent video baluns so the average handy homeowner can install these himself or herself without getting involved in complicated electrical wiring. Additionally these cameras fall under low voltage, so this gives the low-voltage contractor the ability to install security lighting without having to sub out to an electrician

We have designed the cameras with maximum controllability, there is a built-in on screen display that enables you to pick the area you want to sense motion in and the sensitivity of how many pixels you want in motion before the spotlights activate.

We believe this camera, hooked up to an internet enabled DVR, provides the average homeowner and/or small business owner the ultimate, affordable, security camera.

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