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Great quality equipment at unbelievable prices. Justin has been a big help when I hit any technical snags during installs. I've only been installing PTZ cameras for a couple years now. Wow, what a difference in the type of surveillance using PTZ cameras in my installs.
Robert R., Norman, OK - January 17, 2015
Thanks again Chad, for the exceptional phone troubleshooting help. I was able to configure the new DVR setup with ease, once I got a hold of you. I figured I would be patched through to some off-shores scripted phone service when I called in. I could not believe I was speaking directly with one of the owners!! Great people at PTZpros.
Henry Brenner, Long Beach, CA - January 17, 2015
Ordered one of your 4 camera systems with the PTZ camera, it will be the perfect belated Christmas gift for my wife. Our neighborhood has had a sever crime influx in recent months through the holiday season especially. I plan to install it myself using your How To guide. Wish me luck!
Harold Gates., Scotsdale, AZ - January 16, 2015
Just installed your advertised Surveillance System 8-Channel PTZ Beginner kit at a storage unit facility in Cost Mesa, CA. Am extremely happy with the PTZ cameras and mini controller.
Frank Brenner, Costa Mesa, CA - January 16, 2015
Great pricing on solid, dependable products. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend a PTZ camera. I use them exclusively in most all of my installations. Your Reseller Program is great. I actually look forward to your emails in my in-box because I know I'm going to get an opportunity at something with great return potential. Thanks for supporting us little guys with such great pricing on excellent camera solutions. It's made a big difference in my business this past year.
Jonathen Black, Crawfordsville, IN - December 17, 2013
Super pricing on high quality cameras and DVRs. You've won my business as long as your in business. That's for sure. Your products really made a difference in my winning the last 3 installation bids I have won. I was almost 25% under the next bid on one of them and at least 20% less on the others. Thanks Chad for taking the time to call me and go over the few questions I had about the DVR config options. It was a great help.
Jim Talley, Boston, MA - January 03, 2014
I ordered your High Speed Wall Mount camera and been using it for about 3 months now. The zooming feature is super clear and impressive to say the least. I'm going to recommend your products to our community Manager and Board of Directors. We've been comparing camera setups and equipment purchases with preparation to install an entire system at our community center. Unfortunately we've had some vandalism occurrences over the last 6 months that ended up costing us over $22,000 to repair. We're finally going to do something about it. I had your camera installed 3 months back so I already know what to expect. Your online pricing is substantially less (and offers better optics and features by comparison) than what the installer has quoted/recommended to our board. I'm sure he'll be a loyal customer too once he sees what we're going to get for about 30% less.
Lloyd Vest, Henderson, NV - March 06, 2014
Awesome after hours customer support from Justin! He really came through on what ended up being a simple tweak I should have made during an after hours installation I was on at a small retail project. I've been installing mid- sized systems for over 6 years now and I can tell you that I have grown accustomed to just suffering through an issue without much support-especially after hours. PTZ's customer services were by far the most accurate and easiest to follow that I have had experience with to date. The Skype solution we used was brilliant, I just turned my ipad around and showed Justin what the PTZ menu was telling me and then showed him my wiring and junction box. He immediately recognized the issue and instructed me on how to correct it. So awesome to know there's a real person that you can buzz when you're in a bind. Thanks Justin, I promise I'll never make that same mistake again!
Michael Coffee, Cleveland, OH - January 03, 2014
Superior quality over any other outdoor model I have had in the past. I recently updated my system so I could network my warehouse, yard and offices through one DVR box. Your Outdoor IR High Speed Wall Mount PTZ works fantastic for patrolling our outdoor yard area. I had never been able to tie it all into one complete system before now. The zooming options on your High Speed Wall Mount are unbelievable. I can see the flies buzzing around my 13 year old yard dog Boomer, as he sleeps under our loading doc awning. Good thing I've got your camera to back old Boomer up.
Glenn Harrison, Charlotte, NC - December 13, 2013

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